Backup + Recovery

backup – restore

Why do I need to back up my files?

The server data (your website files) are the most important aspect of your online presence. If for any reason you lose files, delete them by accident, are hacked, or are infected with a virus you can have a valuable asset disappear in a flash. An operating system can be reinstalled and so can applications, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate the original website data and databases. It is essential that you always back up your important information and have a plan for recovering from a system failure. An attacker could access files through the backdoor of a poorly coded script or plugin, the operating system or data may be corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem. The latter will be covered by our own backups but you need to make sure you have your data backed up locally on your computer.

If your site is hacked by SQL injection or someone guesses your password, that dreaded “You’ve Been Hacked” page at the front of your website is a nasty surprise. All files will need to be deleted and you will have to start again because the hacker could have left some malicious code behind to wreck things again. If you haven’t got a back up then everything will be lost. You should back up your personal or critical work data on a regular basis. This means copying your files over to a separate system that you can access when those files are needed.

If you aren’t able to do this then we can do daily backups for you. Your whole webspace and any related databases will be backed up off-site and kept securely until needed. There is no charge to restore a daily backup

Recovery is exactly what it says, restore your data from one of our backups. We encourage our customers to create backups regularly to prevent the need for us to restore them but sometimes it gets forgotten about and inevitably we are called into action to save the day. You can restore a backup from your cPanel dashboard.