MSV IT Solutions email hosting is the right choice for business and personal users that want secure and encrypted email

Both businesses and individuals require a relevant email address that creates an instant professional appearance. You can attach your domain name to your details by using name@yourdomain.co.uk. You can choose your own email address prefix without worrying about usernames already being used (eg: Outlook, BT internet, Gmail) –

If you need any help you can contact us 24/7.

We offer IMAP and POP3 which run side-by-side with all our email hosting plans, giving you full control over how you receive and manage your email. You are able to access your email from anywhere. You’re not restricted by your operating system or browser. All mailboxes include SSL/TLS encryption, internal mail forwarding, and webmail as standard starting at just £5.00


We provide you with encrypted email-only hosting for your business or personal use.

  • Spam Filters

    Blacklisting, whitelisting, configurable spam filtering, reject or allow by sender plus server-level inbox rules

  • Mix and Match

    We offer storage for any combination of mailbox quantities whether 1 x 10GB mailbox or 5 x 2GB mailboxes or any other combination.

  • Webmail

    The default webmail client is Roundcube which will work on all devices

  • No Hidden Costs

    Transparent, no hidden extras, no termination fee, and no commitment

  • Control On The Move

    You can log in to manage your emails from anywhere on any device and/or any operating system as long as you have access to your network or wifi


Safeguarding Their Data Is Paramount

Web sites are a security risk. People can and do hack websites on an industrial scale. This is, in the main, to steal secret information. As an example, If you’ve had a lot of spam it’s probably because someone’s website was hacked and they use that site to email thousands of people.


You can enhance your website and data security with our comprehensive daily scanning services.
Safeguard your business through our comprehensive security systems

Our easy-to-use systems stop Spam Before It Gets To The Mail Server. Blocking instead of email filtering offers you more protection against new attacks


Our Software Provides Encrypted Data Services

Using our systems you will Know that any information entered into your site will be safe from hackers. Having an SSL certificate shows your visitors you take security seriously and that you have a trustworthy online presence. FREE SSL Certificates can be installed from the cwp interface to help protect visitor data and build trust in your business or brand. SSL Encryption is provided by Let’s Encrypt and is available on all accounts The Extended Verification SSL certificate will enable the premium green bar domain verification. Visitors can then click anywhere in the secure green area of the address bar for further details



You are able to take payments online securely without a third-party merchant thus reducing your costs.

Free ELEMENTOR preinstalled

Elementor is the number one drag and drop front-end visual builder for WordPress and it’s completely free.

The Elementor Plugin can be used with any theme, however, it is recommended that the Hello Elementor theme is used as it can be customized to your requirement.

Elementor Website and view the documentation here Elementor Guides

One-Click APPS

You can install and run any of the one-click apps (package dependent) from any of our hosting accounts account, content management systems, analytics software, invoicing programs, social networks, galleries, blogs, and many more from which you can develop any kind of website with no coding necessary.

This software is provided totally free of charge.

Mobile Dashboards are provided free of charge

Manage ALL Your Services & Products on the move

Manage Your Domain and Web Hosting Account

  • Login To Webmail
  • Use The Back-Up / Restore Option
  • Use Our One-Click Installs To Enhance Your Website
  • Purchase New Products, Add-on Domains, Premium Mailboxes & More
  • Search For A New Domain