Web Hosting

We negate the need for costly licensing fees

Hosted applications or Software as a Service (SaaS) allow users access to business-critical applications on demand. This negates the need for costly licensing fees and the need to upgrade out of date hardware because it can no longer sufficiently run the latest version of an application.

Applications are hosted within a secure data centre environment where users have remote access in 24/7 from anywhere in the world to retrieve, modify or create files using the latest software. Updates and backups are automatic, security protection is guaranteed and fees are fixed.

Key Features

Increased Flexibility

Hosted applications include familiar third party business software packages or bespoke applications to suit the business needs. Business-critical applications need centralised administration to streamline processes. A single hosted application provides a better user experience and the added flexibility of being able to work from anywhere

Enhanced Productivity

Using hosted applications means everyone in the business will access the same version of the software avoiding incompatibility issues and conflicting copies of documents. When new patches or software features are required only a single update is needed instead of time-consuming tasks to implement across multiple computers. Updates are automatic to avoid downtime and user error.

Scalable Affordability

A low cost monthly pricing structure with no upfront outlay makes it quick and simple to get started and to add or remove users when required. Implement easy budgeting and fast decisions as no ongoing maintenance is required for hardware and software access can be scaled up or down when needed.

Improved Security

Hosted applications in the cloud benefit from high-level security, removing the potential risk of local IT  server and computer corruption. Cyber threats are prevented by 24/7 data compliant security measures including robust anti-virus features, firewall barriers and daily backups. Support from technical engineers will ensure it is business as usual.

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